All items sold on this online store are covered by the Consumer Protection Act. This means that all products must be free from manufacturing defect when you purchase the product and as you use them for 6 months from date of purchase.

Examples of Manufacturing defects include such things as stitching coming undone, soles coming away from the uppers, and uppers tearing etc.

The ‘fit’ or ‘feel’ of an item, i.e. it’s “uncomfortableness” does not constitute a manufacturing defect. All items must be tried on or tested on a carpeted floor prior to being worn outside or “used”.

Items bearing these defects must be returned and will either be repaired, replaced immediately or be returned to the relevant supplier for further investigation before a decision is made.

Licensed suppliers reserve the right to analyse defects to determine if they are legitimate manufacturing defects or the result of product misuse. For example, if you forget your dirt biking boots at home and decide to use your new pair of Cats for a week of fun on the farm, your claim will not pass supplier inspection.

All defective returns will be collected by RAM Hand-to-hand Couriers.

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